Rio Rancho Family Law Attorneys

Rio Rancho Family Law Attorneys

Legal disputes involving family units can be complex and contentious, as well as deeply upsetting and stressful. Knowing the factors that can complicate these cases and how to mitigate them, however, can be the key to resolving these disputes as efficiently and favorably as possible.

A seasoned Rio Rancho family law attorney at Sutherland Law Firm, LLC is ready to discuss your case and advise you on how to overcome any challenges that may lie ahead. We can help you protect and advance your interests, successfully navigate the legal process and get past the conflict so you move on to the next chapter of your life.

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While we encourage your calls or emails whenever you are ready for answers, the following highlights some common factors that can complicate family law cases.

6 Factors That Can Complicate a Family Law Case & How to Mitigate Them

  1. Disputes over prenuptial or post-nuptial agreements – The validity of these agreements can come into question for various reasons, like when prenups or post-nups may not have been properly executed, when they may contain invalid provisions or when they may be unconscionable. Challenging or upholding a prenuptial or post-nuptial agreement can involve additional court hearings, possibly prolonging a case.
  2. Hidden assets – Divorcing parties may choose to hide community assets out of resentment, greed, entitlement or other reasons. This can involve “giving” assets to a third party for the duration of the divorce, putting assets in unknown locations or otherwise trying to keep assets out of divorce proceedings. When allegations of hidden assets arise in or after divorce, further investigation, additional court proceedings and possibly the involvement of expert witnesses (like forensic accountants) may be necessary.
  3. Refusals or failures to compromise – When possible, compromise can give way to out-of-court resolutions, which can lead to faster, more cost-effective resolutions. Of course, however, compromise is not always possible in family law cases, especially if one party is making unreasonable requests. When disputing parties cannot come to an agreement, it will be necessary to go through the court, which may draw out a case.
  4. Failures to comply with court orders – While this can delay discovery and court proceedings, it can also lead to complications like being held in contempt or possibly going to jail. That can add to the stress and duration of a family law case. It may even make a court less inclined to grant future requests to those with a history of failing to abide by court orders.
  5. Domestic violence allegations – Serious and sensitive, domestic violence allegations can involve the need to seek protective orders, temporary custody orders, etc. This can mean additional investigations and court hearings. It may also have significant impacts on custody disputes.
  6. Not having the representation of an experienced family lawyer – Attempting to resolve family legal issues on your own can result in missteps that may substantially impact the duration, costs and outcome of your case. An attorney can explain the law, your best options and how to proceed at every juncture. Given how important your family and future are, retaining an attorney is the best way to effectively overcome any complications that may arise in your case while setting your case up for a successful outcome.

The Bottom Line

The best way to mitigate ANY factors that can complicate family law cases is to retain an experienced attorney – like a Rio Rancho family lawyer at Sutherland Law Firm, LLC. We can protect your rights and advance your interests at every stage of case.

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