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Divorce can be complicated and challenging. When it’s time to legally dissolve your marriage, you need an experienced lawyer who can guide you through the process, protecting your rights and interests at every step of the way.

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The process of resolving a New Mexico divorce can vary, depending on whether divorcing spouses can agree on all of the issues associated with their case. When this is possible, they can proceed with an uncontested divorce. If, however, the divorcing parties cannot agree on the issues in their case, they will need to proceed with a contested divorce.

Regardless of whether you are moving forward with an uncontested or contested divorce, an attorney can explain the process, provide priceless advice and help you avoid mistakes that could subvert your interests, plans, and/or objectives.

Mediation can be an important part of the divorce process, allowing exes to talk about the issues and try to work towards a mutually beneficial resolution. While mediation can be requested by divorcing parties, it may also be ordered by the court, depending on the circumstances of the case.

Although divorce mediation may not be right for every case or couple, it can be helpful and advantageous for couples who:

  • Can communicate civilly and are willing to work together
  • Want to keep the details of their divorce private and/or work towards a resolution without being restricted to the court’s schedule.

As you move forward with a divorce case, it’s natural for questions about the law, your options, and the process to arise. To clear up some of these issues and assuage your concerns, we have put together a helpful Divorce FAQ page, answering some of the most commonly asked questions about divorce in New Mexico.

Additionally, the following resources are available to shed light on some of the issues commonly associated with New Mexico divorce cases and related family legal matters:

Let us help you successfully navigate the complexities and challenges of your divorce so you can obtain the best possible resolution and move forward with your life.

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