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Ending a marriage via divorce can help you start a new chapter in your life. While a divorce case can proceed in various manners, in general, the more complicated cases tend to involve disputes over issues like the division of community property, support payments and/or child custody.

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What Is the Difference between Uncontested & Contested Divorce?

Uncontested divorce refers to cases in which the divorcing spouses agree on all of the terms of their divorce. In these cases:

  • The couple can devise their own divorce settlement.
  • The settlement can be submitted to the court.
  • The court will review it and make it official, issuing a final divorce decree.

In contrast, contested divorce refers to cases in which the divorcing parties disagree about at least one issue of their divorce. Contested divorce cases can be resolved out of court, via mediation, or in court, following hearings and the presentation of each party’s case, arguments and evidence.


Do I Really Need a Lawyer for an Uncontested Divorce?

Yes. Even if you are fortunate enough to agree with your ex about all of the issues in your divorce, an attorney can provide essential support when it comes to assuring that the divorce settlement accurately reflects the agreement between you and your ex.

If a disagreement does arise during the process, changing your case from an uncontested to a contested divorce, a lawyer can represent you and help you protect your interests at every step moving forward.


How Long Do I Have to Contest the Divorce Petition?

If your ex has filed for divorce and served you with a copy of the divorce petition, you will have 30 days from the date of service to file your response with the court.

Your response (or “answer” to the petition) can detail all of the issue(s) you dispute in the original petition. It can also contain any additional point(s) you would like to raise regarding community property, support payments, child custody matters, etc.


How Are Contested Divorce Cases Resolved in New Mexico?

Mediation, which may be ordered by the court or mutually agreed on by the divorcing parties, is one option for resolving contested divorce cases out of court. When mediation fails, the family courts will intervene to make a final determination regarding the point(s) of dispute.

Once the family court issues its ruling, the final divorce decree will be legally binding, meaning that either side can be punished by the court for failing to honor the decree.


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